For those looking for the ultimate in coating protection, we recommend  Zipang Coat for its unmatched looks, hydrophobicity, and semi self-healing technology.

Durability is rated at 5+ years. Zipang Coat also provides a darkening effect to the paint (blacks will be deeper black, richer reds, etc), and whites will appear deeper and sharper.  Zipang has the ability to lightly fill small imperfections in the paint.

Zipang Ceramic Coating

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Kamikaze Ceramic Coating


There is a lot of hype surrounding ceramic coatings and their durability with many products not living up to the promises made.  Kamikaze's policy is to state that their coatings will last for many years with the proper care and maintenance and prefer not to put a restrictive time limit on them for that reason..  However, we understand people need some direction on this point for peace of mind, and to help them decide which coating is right for them.  With the correct maintenance procedures, Zipang will give your car 5+years of protection and shine, which has to be the best in the business!


Zipang offers semi self-healing characteristics, meaning that the appearance of small swirls or imperfections in the coating surface will reduce when exposed to heat such as sunlight, hot water or a heat gun as can be seen in the video.  In this example a heat gun is used to gentle warm up the surface - the scratches disappear!

Swirls and scratches are often caused by poor washing techniques, car washes etc.

With the self-healing properties of a Zipang coating you can rest assured this can be a thing of the past!

High Gloss

Zipang produces an unrivalled optically clear, candy-gloss shine which will enhance any colour - even whites as can be seen from the video above.  The chemistry provides even higher levels of gloss and brilliance than Kamikaze's ISM / ISM Pro coatings which set a new standard of shine in the automotive industry when they were launched.

Each time the vehicle is washed it will look just as good as they day the coating was applied

Zipang Ceramic Coating



The durability and shine can be enhanced by combining it with another Kamikaze product such as Miyabi.  Miyabi provides a hard layer and immense gloss as a base coat, Zipang then applied on top increases the shine and gives the benefit of the self-levelling qualities.  Kamikaze suggests the following:

GOOD: 1 layer of Zipang

BETTER: 1 layer of Miyabi + 1 layer of Zipang

BEST: 1 layer of Zipang + 1 layer of Miyabi + 1 layer of Zipang

Kamikaze Overcoat


Maintaining Zipang is not as complicated as you might think.  We recommend a Ph Neutral shampoo without any gloss enhancers using a quality lambs wool mitt.  If you have a pressure washer at home, then why not consider getting a foamgun and using a Ph neutral snow foam to loosen and rinse off any dirt. 

Every 4 or 5 washes, we recommend using Kamikaze Overcoat v2.  This is easily applied and can be used during the drying stage, simply spray Overcoat onto a quality microfibre towel, wipe over the panel, buff using a dry microfibre towel, and that's it.  Overcoat is a sacrificial layer with added gloss designed to work with Kamikaze products adds an additional level of protection


To celebrate the launch of Zipang in the UK, we are offering it at the discounted price of £200* - reduced from £259. 

Why not contact us today for a free no obligation quotation or inspection.

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* This price does not include the cost of any paint preparation required on your vehicle prior to applying Zipang.  For further information on any preparation details please see our Level 1 Correction Detail, Level 2 Correction Detail or Pristine Detail


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