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Scratches are an unfortunate fact of life for motorists and range from a simple scuff to deep scratches caused by scraping up against something or vandalism.


Often the only way to remedy the situation is by taking the vehicle to a bodyshop to let them repair the scratches and respray the panel, sometimes at great cost and inconvenience not to mention increased premiums if going through an insurance company.

Sadly too many people put up with the unsightly bodywork because they think it is too expensive to repair.  This not only spoils the look of the car but reduces its resale value too.


But there is another more affordable way.


Removing paint scratches and blemishes is part and parcel of the daily life of a Detailer, so why not let Pristine Detailing have a look and see if we can help? 

This is a separate offering from our Detailing Services and is charged per panel, you do not have to book a full Paint Correction Detail - unless you want to of course.

Sometimes a scratch can be removed by a simple machine polish with the right compound and finished off with a blending polish.

Other times wet-sanding might be involved.  this is where the affected area is first sanded with different sand paper grits followed by a compound or polishing stage.  Either way, this represents a significant saving when compared to what a bodyshop will charge!


Wet-sanding is ultimately more effective as it places less stress on the clearcoat and there is less chance of the scratch reappearing. 

Constantly going over the same spot, or area, with a polishing machine runs the risk of generating an enormous amount of heat which in turn can cause the clearcoat to distort or warp giving the illusion that the scratch has been removed.  Once the clear coat or paint has cooled down and 'gone back into shape', the scratch comes back.  This is sometimes known as 'The Botox Effect' in the detailing community.  The only effective way to avoid this and to ensure the scratch has been completely removed is by wet-sanding.  Wet-sanding doesn't generate any heat and therefore doesn't stress the clearcoat.

The pictures above show that sometimes even the worst looking scuffs can be removed with no trace.  This damaged area was wet-sanded first followed by a compounding and polish stage


Remove or improve scratches, scuff marks and blemishes per panel.


Cost: (prices listed as From depending on severity of defects)


Scratch removal & Machine polishing:

Charged per panel: from £30 p/panel


Wet-Sanding & Polishing

Charged per panel from £70 p/panel for full panel wet-sanding


For severe/multiple defects, additional hours may be required, why not book a consultation and see if we can help!

Phone:    0800 860 6763


Can Machine Polishing remove every scratch?

In short; No.  A general rule is this: if you can feel the scratch with your finger nail, it is too deep to remove by wet-sanding and polishing alone and will need a different approach.

A deep scratch can still be improved and made less visible by detailing as mentioned above, but would still be visible close-up.  For some people this is sufficient, for others though it might mean a trip to the bodyshop if perfection is required.

This car door had many scratches, some of which needed wet-sanding first.  There was also a large scuff or scrape mark at the bottom of the panel.  This too needed sanding.

Sanding stage before being finished off with a very low grit.

Typically, and depending on the scratch, sanding is started with a 1000 grit or 1500 grit.  This is then refined with a 2000 / 3000 grit and finished with a 5000 or 6000 grit.

This is the result after a medium compound stage to remove the sanding marks and finished off with a fine finishing polish to bring back shine and blend in the repaired area.  All scratches and scuffs have been permanently removed.

We can't guarantee all scratches can be removed using the procesess mentioned above and, as already said, sometimes it will mean getting a bodyshop involved.  But, much can be achieved so it's always worth checking with us first to see if we can save you money!

Why not book a consultation and inspection, let us have a look and we'll advise you accordingly.