Refresher Valet


This package is the first of our Paint Enhancement Details, perfect for restoring your vehicle to a great condition and bringing back a deep shine whilst adding a level of protection to maintain the appearance. This service includes a single stage Machine Polish with an All-In-One product to remove light oxidation and bring clarity and a deep shine back to the paint..  An All-In-One product contains a polish, glaze and protection in one go.  This detail is a step-up from the Full Valet in terms of gloss and final external appearance! 

A 28 Step process in four stages designed to refresh and revitalise the vehicle’s external appearance, This is a perfect service for paint which just needs that little extra something to rejuvenate it and bring back a shine.  Perfect for those times where budgets prevent you from having the paint detailed.  It is recommended this detail is followed up with regular maintenance washes to keep the finish topped up.

Again, just like the Full Valet, we include the decontamination process, wheel sealant, and professional SiO2 dressings as standard with this package!  We believe this provides a budget friendly but professional quality service.


A Paint Enhancement detail with an 'All in One' Machine Polishing stage to bring back clarity, shine and protection to the paint.  Includes a thorough Interior Valet


Cars: £150.00

SUV's & 4x4's £180.00    

This service will take approx 5-6 hours on a small car and up to a full day on 4x4's

Phone:    0800 860 6763


We Recommend:

Why not add a coat of quality Carnuaba Wax for added protection and shine for only £15


Upgrade to 18-24 months of protection with Kamikaze's INIFINITY WHITE WAX, a hybrid wax containing a glass coating for unrivalled gloss and water repellancy!

From Only


depending on vehicle size

Stage 2

Polishing Stage

IPA (Alcohol) wipe down to remove all traces of old wax or polish

Machine applied All-In-One polish to remove oxidation and enhance overall appearance by bringing back a depth of shine and clarity.

Stage 1

Decontamination - Cleaning Stage

Wheel faces deep cleaned using an acid free cleaner solution and rinsed

Wheel arches degreased, cleaned and pressure washed

Vehicle rinsed with pressure washer to remove loose dirt 

Tar Spots removed

Iron Contamination/Fallout treated

Badges and other tricky areas agitated with detailing brushes

Pre-wash with PH balanced snow foam and left to dwell

Vehicle rinsed with pressure washer

Exterior hand washed with shampoo using two bucket method and lamb’s wool mitt

Pressure washer rinse down

Vehicle dried with high quality towels and warm air

Paintwork and all Glass decontaminated using a Clay Bar

All door shuts cleaned & polished

Stage 3

Enhancement / Protection Stage

Paintwork further treated to a gloss enhancer adding an additional SiO2 protective layer

Exterior trim cleaned, degreased and dressed/protected with professional grade dressing

Glass cleaned and polished

Added SiO2 rain repellant for all windows

Wheel arches dressed

Tyres dressed with SiO2 professional grade dressing for long lasting appearance

Wheels sealed with high temperature sealant to protect against road salt, brake dust and corrosion (upgrade available, see Bolt On Options below)

Welcome to


Stage 4

Interior Clean

Dashboard dusted, air vents cleaned, all controls cleaned

All trim cleaned

Carpets, mats and upholstery thoroughly vacuumed including under and side of seats

Interior glass cleaned and polished

Quality dressing applied to dash and all trim


Please note:

This is not a Paint Correction Detail, and whilst some defects will be hidden and oxidation removed, many defects will remain .  In all cases paint gloss and shine will be greatly enhanced.  If you would like swirl marks and defects removed permanently, please refer to one of our other detailing packages such as the Level 1 Correction Detail.

We are always happy to liaise with you prior to undertaking any work to determine the best possible course of action.  Any additional correction work will be charged accordingly with your full knowledge and agreement.



12-18 months KAMIKAZE Glass Protection - £70 all windows


24 months KAMIKAZE Wheel Protection - £90 for all wheel faces, or £150 for faces and wheel inners. (requires wheels to be removed and deep cleaned prior to applying protection)


3 year Fabric Hood Clean & Renewed Protection - £150




Interior Deep Cleaning Detail - From £150.  A comprehensive and thorough deep cleaning of your vehicle interior.  This detail can take up to an entire day to complete depending on size and condition of interior.  Additional hours may be required to achieve desired resut, why not book a no obligation inspection to determine level of cleaning required.


Engine Bay Detail - From £35.  depending on size and condition of engine bay & desired result.


Headlight Restoration - £35 per headlight.  A polymer sealant is included in the price.  

Headlight Restoration Professional - £70 per headlight.  This includes a professional nano technology coating which requires a 24 hour curing time