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This is our full-on everything included package, we will not only enhance, restore & protect your paintwork, we also add in the Full Interior Detail complete with trim and fabric protection, and carry out an Engine Bay Detail too!

This package is perfect for removing the vast majority of paint defects (where safe to do so) and is our ultimate correction, enhancement & protection package for achieving a ‘better than showroom’ finish whilst protecting your investment for up to 36 months with the full Kamikaze Collection product range


A 40+ Step process in four stages designed to achieve the highest possible standard to fully enhance the vehicle’s appearance.  This includes a multi- stage* deep machine polish to remove medium and heavy swirls scratches, blemishes and defects, topped off with KAMIKAZE Miyabi +ZIPANG Certified Installer only ceramic coating to protect the paintwork for up to 4 years!  Wheels, Trim and all Glass is coated and protected at the same time too!

Alternatively, choose Kamikaze's flagship product ENREI for up to 5 years protection.  See Bolt-On Options box below.

Stage 1

Decontamination - Cleaning Stage

  • Wheels removed
  • Wheel faces and barrels deep cleaned using an acid free cleaner solution and rinsed
  • Wheel arches cleaned and degreased using a Citrus cleaner
  • Suspension components cleaned and degreased
  • Vehicle rinsed with pressure washer to remove loose dirt 
  • Tar Spots removed
  • Iron Contamination/Fallout removed
  • Badges and other tricky areas agitated with detailing brushes
  • Pre-wash with PH balanced snow foam and left to dwell
  • Vehicle rinsed with pressure washer
  • Exterior hand washed with shampoo using two bucket method and lamb’s wool mit
  • Pressure washer rinse down
  • Vehicle dried with high quality towels and warm air
  • Paintwork and all Glass decontaminated using a Clay Bar
  • Engine bay degreased, detailed & dressed

Stage 2

Correction Stage

  • Paintwork inspected
  • IPA wipe down to remove all traces of old wax or polish
  • Test area to establish best abrasive compounds, polish and processes used to achieve results
  • Multiple stage machine polish to remove swirls, scratches and imperfections
  • Additional IPA wipe down

Stage 3

Enhancement Stage

  • The vehicle is protected with Kamikaze Miyabi +ZIPANGceramic coating
  • All exterior trim cleaned and degreased
  • Exterior trim dressed & protected with a permanent trim restorer
  • Wheels coated with Kamikaze Rim Stance protective Sealant for 12 months protection
  • Glass cleaned and polished
  • Glass treated with Kamikaze protective Sealant - 12 months duration
  • Tyres dressed with a quality SiO2 long lasting dressing
  • Wheel arches dressed
  • Exhaust tips cleaned & polished

Stage 4

Interior Detail - Upholstery

  • All interior trim cleaned using a variety of techniques
  • Roof lining cleaned (if required)
  • Seat belts cleaned
  • Interior glass cleaned
  • All carpets cleaned
  • All upholstery cleaned
  • All car mats cleaned
  • All upholstery and mats protected with special coatings
  • All doorcards and trim cleaned thoroughly
  • Boot area and wheel well areas cleaned
  • All interior trim protected with a professional SiO2 coating for durability


Interior Detail - Leather

As above with the addition of:

  • All leather surfaces cleaned with specialist leather cleaner
  • Leather treated to a conditioning serum


A detail designed to treat, enhance and protect the entire vehicle inside and out with a Multi-Stage Machine Polish to achieve the highest standard of finish possible and  protected by a Ceramic Coating for long lasting durability, shine and protection as well as a full interior clean with durable protection on all interior surfaces.


TBC after a comprehesive vehicle inspection and client consultation**

** Please Note:

Each vehicle is different and will have different requirements which may require additional steps to achieve the desired finish.  It is highly recommended we carry out a detailed inspection prior to commencing work in order to properly assess what needs to be done.

An inspection costs £45 which is deducted from the invoice upon completion.

A detailed report will be put together  of all the work required.  This will help you make an informed decision with regards to budget and desired outcome.


We will always work with you, the client, every step of the way to ensure complete satisfaction.


Book an inspection now and let us put together a report for you!




With this particular detail we aim to achieve as near to perfection as possible thereby restoring and protecting the paintwork to a better than showroom finish.  However, some defects might be too deep to remove without additional intervention such as wet sanding or repair/spraying.  This could involve employing the outside services of relevant experts in their field, such as; wheel refurbishers, panel repairers and sprayers, leather or upholstery repairers etc.  In all cases we will liaise with you every single step of the way to ensure we meet your expectations and budget to achieve the best possible results.



  • Up to 5+ years protection with Kamikaze's Ultimate high-end coating ENREI - £300