New Car Detail

New Car Detail

Buying a new or used car is often a major investment for people, so it makes sense to have your investment prepared properly and protected inside and out professionally.

It would not be unreasonable for you to wonder why a new car would  need detailing.  Unfortunately not all cars are delivered with paint (or interior) in the condition it should be. Scratches, swirls and other blemishes are often installed during the vehicle preparation stage prior to customer delivery, ususally due to lack of time and poor washing and drying technique, these are then hidden or 'masked' with glazes, polishes and waxes.  Also, when you consider what the vehicle has had to go through before it even reaches the dealership with transportation damage, sanding marks left at the manufacturing stage, poor preparation before going on the forecourt and so on.  If you are considering a used car, then add daily wear and tear plus poor maintenance to the list.  The true condition of the vehicle doesn't become apparent until after a couple of washes when all these masking agents have washed away.  This often leads to disappointment for the customer.  Avoid all this hassle and let Pristine Detailing prepare your car properly the first time. and treat it with Kamikaze Collection Coatings for many years of protection. on the paint, exterior trim, wheels and glass!

New cars will receive a Gloss Enhancement treatment, this will correct and finish the paint to an extremely high standard prior to a Kamikaze Coating being applied.  Used cars may need a Level 1 Correction to get it to the same standard, this will incur an additional charge of £100 after consultation with you or the dealership.

Simply choose the level of protection you want, then arrange with the dealership to have the vehicle  delivered straight to us  - with intructions NOT to have it valeted first - and let us take care of the rest.


To correct, enahance & protect a new or used vehicle prior to customer delivery, inside and out.


Full Service;

Safe wash & decontamination

Gloss enhancement machine polish

Engine bay clean

Full Interior Detail 

Upholstery/trim/leather protected

Ceramic coating on Paint work

Ceramic coating for wheels

Ceramic coating for glass


Paint protection choices: (price shown is for the full interior/exterior New Car Detail package with Gloss Enhancement Treatment for new cars as described )


Bronze, £549: Kamikaze Wheel & Glass coating, Plus:

Kamikaze Miyabi coating - 2+ years protection


Silver, £650  Kamikaze Wheel & Glass coating, Plus:

Kamikaze ISM=Pro - 2-3 years protection

Kamikaze Zipang - 2-3 years protection


Gold: £729  Kamikaze Wheel & Glass coating, Plus:

Miyabi & ISM-Pro - 3+ years protection

Miyabi & Zipang - 3+ years protection


Platinum: £755  Kamikaze Wheel & Glass coating, Plus:

Kamikaze Enrei - 5+ years protection


Pricing for Used cars requiring a Level 1 Correction Detail:

Bronze: £649

Silver: £750

Gold: £829

Platinum: £855


Phone:    0800 860 6763


Stage 1

Decontamination - Cleaning Stage

Wheel faces deep cleaned using an acid free cleaner solution and rinsed

Wheel arches degreased, cleaned and pressure washed

Engine Bay thoroughly cleaned, degreased and protected

Vehicle rinsed with pressure washer to remove loose dirt

Badges cleaned and agitated with suitable cleaner and quality brush

Tar Spots removed

Iron contamination removed

Pre-wash with PH balanced snow foam and left to dwell

Vehicle rinsed with pressure washer

Exterior hand washed with shampoo using two bucket method and lamb’s wool mitt

Pressure washer rinse down

Bonded contaminates removed with a Clay Bar treatment.

Vehicle dried with high quality plush drying towels and forced air

All door shuts cleaned & polished

Stage 2

Enhancement Stage

Wipe down with IPA solution to remove any residue from the clay bar treatment and any existing wax.

Exterior paint on NEW CARS receives a machine polish Gloss Enhancement Treatment to remove swirls, defects and blemishes which restores the paint to how it should be prior to the protection stage.  (A Level 1 Correction on used cars)

Wipe down with a Prep solution in readiness for the coating

Stage 3

Protection Stage

Kamikaze  coating applied (see box for options)

Kamikaze Rim Stance wheel coatings appplied to all wheels for 2 years protection

Kamikaze Intenso window coating applied - 2 years protection

Vehicle then treated to Kamikaze Overcoat, a ceramic infused gloss enhancer

Tyres treated with a long lasting SiO2 based tyre dressing

Stage 4

Interior Clean

Dashboard dusted, air vents cleaned, all controls cleaned

All trim cleaned

Carpets, mats and upholstery thoroughly vacuumed including under and side of seats (or leather cleaning)

Interior glass cleaned and polished

Quality SiO2 protective dressing applied to dash and all trim

Carpets, mats & upholstery treated with a stain resistant product - leather protected

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Whether you choose the Bronze or the Platinum package, whether it's a Fiat 500, Mercedes or a Bentley, your car will be prepared professionally, completely transformed and protected for years to come.