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Kamikaze Ceramic Coatings
Kamikaze Ceramic Coatings
Kamikaze Ceramic Coatings

The Japanese auto industry are the pioneers in the automotive coating industry, and KAMIKAZE represents the most innovative, and highest level of technologies available from Japan.


KAMIKAZE-Collection is a revolutionary range of high-end boutique car care products imported directly from Japan, blending state of the art technology with traditional know-how.  KAMIKAZE-Collection aims to offer the best car care products regardless of cost

When you chose KAMIKAZE coating and maintenance products for your vehicles, you can be assured that you are receiving the latest and greatest Japanese technologies that have been developed and tested in collaboration with some of the best, and most knowledgeable master detailers worldwide.

Kamikaze Collection  is a revolutionary range of high-end boutique car care products designed and manufactured in Japan, home of ceramic coatings. Combining state-of-the-art technology with traditional know-how, Kamikaze Collection prides itself on delivering truly innovative and unique products,

Ceramic coatings are the new age of paint protection products, with many people opting for them over a wax due to the superior protection they offer from a single application. Ceramic coatings provide a harder, super glossy, water and dirt repelling coat of protection over paintwork that repels dirt and other harmful substances, while being easy to maintain and keeping that ‘just detailed’ look for years rather than months.

PRISTINE DETAILING  is Leicestershire's only Kamikaze Collection Certified Detailing Company, meaning we are authorised to apply the finest ceramic coatings available on the market as well as having access to ‘pro only’ coatings from Kamikaze Collection such as 'ISM Pro', 'Zipang', and the flagship 'Enrei' Coat, which only a handful of detailers worldwide are authorised to apply.

Details of vehicles treated with Kamikaze Products can be found on our Blog HERE

Kamikaze Authorised Detailer Products

Kamikaze ISM-Pro
 Kamikaze Zipang Coating
Kamikaze Enrei Coating

ISM Pro  offers an extremely hydrophobic, candy like superior gloss finish (similar to high end waxes) which will give 2-3 years extreme protection.

ISM Pro works great as a top layer over Miyabi Coat, providing a hard, but extremely glossy, water repelling coating only surpassed by Enrei Coat. ISM Hydrocarbon Coating: Blending optically clear hydrocarbons with ceramic components, ISM Coat delivers a candy-gloss shine akin to that achieved when using a high-quality carnauba wax.

Zipang Coat has evolved from the technology employed by ISM PRO. Like ISM PRO, Zipang Coat combines high quality ingredients with Kamikaze Collection's ultra-low molecular weight hydrocarbons to produce a coating with extreme water repelling properties. However, extensive research and development has enriched these ingredients to increase their performance and enhance their reflective potential. Furthermore, Zipang Coat has a self-levelling function activated by heat that helps keep paintwork swirl-free for longer.

When combined with Miyabi, the shine is incredible and only beaten by Enrei.

For further information on Zipang, head over to the dedicated page HERE

ENREI is their flagship coating and consists of two-stages: No.1 Base Primer Coat and No.2 Top Coat. Base Primer Coat has been engineered to have a high chemical affinity with both the car’s clear coat and with the No.2 Top Coat, forming strong chemical bonds with both, providing a long-lasting hydrophobic protective barrier against contamination build-up whilst delivering a seriously impressive unsurpassed shine in the automotive coating world.

Enrei provides 5+ years of protection!

Kamikaze Consumer Products

Kamikaze Miyabi Coating
Kamikaze Wax
Kamikaze Wheel Coating
Kamikaze Window Coating

Miyabi Coat: A glass coat sealant that provides a durable finish for up to two years. The word ‘miyabi’ comes from the traditional Japanese concept of the aesthetic ideal of elegance and refinement. Made up of smaller molecules than the average ceramic sealant, Kamikaze have managed to increase the active ingredient to provide a swirl-resistant coating, without the use of solvents, that is less prone to water spotting. Miyabi Coat provides a stunning shine that is truly the epitome of elegance and refinement!

Miyabi can be  combined  ISM-Pro & Zipang for protection of   3+ years!

Infinity White Wax. The Ultimate Hybrid Performance Wax..  If you love the gloss that only traditional carnauba waxes can provide, but need the durability of a ceramic coating, then Infinity Wax is the perfect solution.

A blend of high-quality carnauba and ceramic coating, Infinity Wax delivers a high gloss durable shine. In tests, washing up liquid, neat degreasers and a pH11 alkaline failed to remove this hybrid coating!  Delivers high-gloss, carnauba shine. Produces colour clarity & durability of a ceramic coating.  Highly hydrophobic

Use after MIYABI or ISM Coat for stunning gloss & unbeatable durability.  Easy to apply, resistant to extremes of pH and providing a very respectable resistance to swirls, in on-going independent tests, Infinity has so far lasted in excess of ten thousand miles. Infinity can be used over Miyabi or ISM to deliver an extra punch of glossiness to paintwork.

18-24 months protection from a wax!

Rim Stance; Alloy wheels are expensive components of modern vehicles and their condition can affect the overall appearance of the car. It is, therefore, essential to ensure they are cleaned regularly and protected against the potentially damaging effects of industrial and chemical fallout.

Using state-of-the-art technology, Stance Rim Coat  once cured, forms a slick, heat resistant barrier that repels water, dirt, oils and grime as well as inhibiting the build-up of brake dust for up to 2 years!.

Intenso Window Coat; Water Repelling Sealant For Hard Working Windows.

Applying a nano-ceramic sealant to your windows to form a hydrophobic barrier is popular and helps make driving less tiring on the eyes during poor weather conditions.

Kamikaze Collection Intenso Window Coat leaves a perfectly smooth, non-grabby layer that will not smear or cause the blades to catch and judder. This also eliminates the irritating squeaking often associated with other glass sealants.  lasts for up to 12 months!



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