Full Interior Detail


Having the interior of your vehicle cleaned properly and restoring it as much as possible back to an "as new" condition is a lengthy process in its own right depending on the level of cleaning required and can take a whole day (or more) to complete!

A variety of techniques can be used to clean all the different materials present in an interior and to achieve the desired result.  No two cars are the same and additional hours may be required depending on the level of soiling present, so we always recommend an inspection first to determine the level of cleaning required and liaise with you with regards the final cost.

Having chosen to have your vehicle's interior deep cleaned, we then protect the interior to keep the inside protected and looking clean for a long time.  This is included in the price as standard!

Your cars' interior will be fully cleaned, deodourised, degreased, sanitised and protected!

Interior Detail - Upholstery

  • All interior trim cleaned using a variety of techniques
  • Dashboard controls and all tricky areas cleaned with dedicated brushes
  • Roof lining cleaned (if required)
  • Seat belts cleaned
  • All metal runners/surfaces under/on all seats cleaned
  • Foot pedals cleaned
  • Interior glass cleaned
  • All carpets deep cleaned and sanitised
  • All upholstery cleaned and sanitised
  • All car mats cleaned, degreased and sanitised
  • Boot area carpet removed, spare wheel area cleaned
  • Rear seats lifted and cleaned underneath
  • All doorcards and trim cleaned, degreased and sanitised thoroughly
  • All upholstery treated and protected with a professional grade SiO2 coating
  • All carpets and mats treated and protected with a professional grade SiO2 coating
  • Dashboard and trim is likewise treated with a professional grade SiO2 coating


The Trim coating is a water-based conditioner and protectant for interior trims. It restores lightly faded plastic and vinyl surfaces, dries fully to the touch and produces a natural-looking anti-static finish that repels dust and resists soiling and staining. As a result, treated surfaces tend to stay cleaner for longer, reducing the need for maintenance. It also contains UV inhibitors, which help to protect treated surfaces against harmful UV radiation from the sun


Carpet and fabric coating: a functional silica-based coating that forms a semi-permanent water and grime repellent barrier on all modern automotive textiles, both inside and out. It uses the latest in low volatile content silicon (Si) technology to lay down a film of dimethylsiloxane polymers that condense rapidly to form a highly flexible SiO2 coating that bonds to fabrics at the molecular level. Following application, treated surfaces become extremely hydrophobic and thus virtually impervious to liquids and grime. In addition, this coating also blocks out UV radiation from the sun, and thus helps to prevent textiles from fading over time


Interior Detail - Leather

As above with the addition of:

  • All leather surfaces cleaned with specialist leather cleaner
  • Leather surfaces protected with a professional grade coating providing 2+ years of protection


A comprehensive deep clean of your interior, removing stains, smells and bringing a lustre to your dash and trim and rejuvenating upholstery, carpets and leathers whilst protected with a professional SiO2 coating supplied as standard!

Cost -

from £150.

5-6 hours +

(The final cost depends on the condition of the interior and additional hours may be required to achieve the desired result.  This will always be done after consultation and permission from the client)

Why not book a consultation and let us find out how we can enhance the interior of your car!

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