Headlight Restoration

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Restore cloudy, scratched amd oxidised headlights or brakelights back to shiny and looking like new.

It is a sad fact that over time, headlight lenses will get scratched and fade due to the sun, road grime and general age.  It is also a fact that faded headlights hinder their operation and could potentially become a safety risk.

Restoring light lenses is a relatively straight forward but potentially lengthy process.  It is recommended that after restoration a protection product is applied to prevent the lenses clouding over again.


There are numerous ways lenses can be restored, but our preferred method involves a series of wet-sanding stages, followed by a compounding and polishing stage, followed by applying a protection product


First the area surrounding the lens is masked off to prevent any damage occuring to paintwork or trim

Then the headlight is cleaned and clay barred to remove all dirt and contamination.  This is then followed up by a series of wet-sanding stages involving different grades of sand paper, starting with coarse and finishing with a fine grit

Finally, once clarity has been restored, a final polishing stage with a fine finishing polish followed by a protection product to maintain the appearance.


To restore faded headlights and protect them for durability


Protection: 6, 12-24 months

Depending on use and final protection product used


£35 per headlight, includes a polymer sealant for protection


Headlight Restoration Professional: £70 per headlight.  This includes a nano-technology coating which requires 24 hours curing time

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